The city of books
foil stamping on organic and regenerated cotton canvas, pins
(fabric sponsored by Berto industria tessile)
190 x 180 cm

The City of Books, shows a map of an imaginary city made up by words: 140 quotations, taken from 40 different books and following the criterion of analogy, were used to give rise to 12 tales that compose the roads of our city.

The artwork sees literature cross over into art, exit from books, and is an homage to the transformation process that leads the reader to become author, mixing roles; reading become writing, creating an access between two actions intimately connected. Clarice Lispector, Roberto BolaƱo, David Foster Wallace, Jorge Luis Borges are some of the authors who can be found in the The City of Books. The artwork is made up of three layers: denim is the base, on which a carpet of pages of books printed on cotton is fixed. The carpet is the background for a map, also in denim, and each of its streets hosts one of the 12 tales. Step by step everyone can read all 140 quotes.

About the materials, we choose to work only with organic, recycled and regenerated fabrics: in this case, the artwork is 100% made with a mix of organic and regenerated cotton, a way to take care the environment and turning waste into art, through the use of fabrics.