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Federica Patera + Andrea Sbra Perego

Fiber artist

Federica PateraAndrea Sbra Perego, namely to connect literature and art with a thread. Their collaboration combines both experiences in a common work, with the intention of being a bridge, a confluence of the two disciplines. federica patera e andrea sbra

Andrea, born in Bergamo in 1982, lives and works between Turin, Milan and New York. His practice is mainly focused on painting, but his experiences range from photography to video, from sculpture to installation. His artistic research is fed by travels and experiences aimed at investigating the close relationship between man and his environment. Man is the main actor in the interaction with urban space. The place where he stays is always humanized and testifies to the conditioning that society imposes on nature.

Federica, also born in Bergamo in 1982 and lives in Turin. She focuses her studies on the concepts of translation and eternity, to tell and understand how reality is built, tracing what remains unchanged in it, and therefore does not fall into categories neither spatial or chronological, but uses them to manifest. The use of fixed languages and sacred texts, which go beyond the historical method, is the means to carry out an overcoming of the individual sphere. The intent is to bring attention back to a universal language. The writing and the fabric are her working tools.

The duo Federica patera  + andrea sbra perego 

was officially born in 2017 with the RAR project, which focuses on the value of the analogy in literature. At the heart of their investigation is the dynamic that leads reading to become writing, and other way the user to become a creator, a maker, mixing roles.

The exchange that is established guarantees the transmission, that it goes beyond repetition and finds its completion in transformation. The eternity of an experience, whatever it is (physical, material, emotional, intellectual), is measured by its capacity to be an eternal breeding ground for discovery and knowledge.

fiber art

federica patera and andrea sbra Their work was exhibited in solo shows by art galleries, such as Raffaella De Chirico Contemporary Art in Turin and Manuel Zoia Gallery in Milan, and in Art Fair such as ArtVerona and WOP in Lugano (CH). In 2021, they were finalists in the Cramum Award. Between October 2022 and January 2023, they will take part in the World Textile Biennale – Italian Act, a series of three exhibitions curated by Barbara Pavan. In January 2023 they attend their first group show in New York at The Ivy Brown Gallery. federica patera andrea sbra perego

In addition to the activity of artists, in 2021 they founded DRIM | Contemporary art ground, an artist run space in the heart of Turin. With DRIM, they managed, organized and sponsored 12 exhibits of emerging national and international artists.patera and andrea sbra perego