Roots is the name of the series of artworks dedicated to verbal roots. As often happens with our works, we started from a text and, specifically, from an essay by Elémire Zolla, Language and Cosmogony, which tells the story of Creation. The link between word and creative act, particularly their relation at the basis of reality construction, is one of the
main aspects of our research. Trying to bring to light distant knowledges, forgotten but completely alive, in an increasingly frenetic world; trying to understand what binds us, especially in a historical moment in which language – and communication – is constantly at the center of attention and, at the same time, full of uncertainties and misunderstandings, is one of our major driving force. Verbal roots are essential in their way of being, they are like small chest enclosing stories that go beyond history, which need neither dates nor places to be placed, because they are always present everywhere. Words are coordinates of a map that goes back to the beginning of time, for an approach to creation, for an understanding of the world – when they aren’t exploited and propagandized and untied from facts, that is, forced to lie. Language and cosmology – says Zolla – mirror each other, and with the series of artworks on verbal roots we want to tell the fantastic dynamism that characterizes them. Specifically, for the following artworks, we chose roots that are bearers of life.