regenerated nylon yarn derived from pre and post industrial waste, steel wire | fabric sponsored by Carvico | 220 X 265 X 22 cm | 2023


Clouds of Words is an installation belonging to our body of works dedicated to verbal roots. As often happens with our projects, we started from a text and, specifically, from an essay by Elémire Zolla, Language and Cosmogony, which tells, as the title makes clear, the link between words and Creation. The installation is dedicated to the Indo-European root √Sem and tells its verbal filiation following the idea of Unity, that corresponds to the starting point of the Creation. In particular, the root generates bunches of words, belonging to different languages – from Latin to Armenian, from English to Sanskrit – and full of meanings, which flank each other and account for the different nuances that unity assumes in the world, such as, among others, equality, identity, symmetry, immediacy, simplicity and loneliness. This multiplicity gives full vigor to the creation: the more details you find the greater its definition will be, the more their variety the greater our understanding.