regenerated nylon yarn derived from pre and post industrial waste, steel wire | fabric sponsored by Carvico | 101 x 69 x 20 cm | 2022


Starting from the verbal root √Ker and following two of the steps that led the cosmogony, called Unity and Order, through different languages, the artwork is composed of words that can be associated with vibration and rhythm; words like body, head, and heart that develop a semantic collaboration that becomes a story. They recall each other and connect through a sort of logical bridge that triggers a movement in reality and in thought. The heart and, on the other side, the head, by vibrating, make the energy flow into the body allowing it to come alive. Some of the words involved: Keras, Kranion, Kranos, Kairos, Creare, Cresco, Cor, Cordatus, Credere, Heart, Herz.