Iocari Serio

Iocari Serio
regenerated nylon yarn derived from pre and post industrial waste, fiber padding, pvc pipes
(fabric sponsored by Carvico s.p.a.)
installation, variable dimensions (installation view at Santa Croce’s Church, San Raffele Cimena Alto, Turin, Italy)


Iocari serio is the title of the installation based on the book of the same name by Ioan Petru Culianu, an innovative historian of the religions of the Twentieth century.
In his books, Culianu underlines the link between play and the ineffable; identifies play as one of the fundamental keys to access the mystery of creation. And for this reason Iocari serio looks like a game and, at the same time, is a linguistic journey at the discovery of the literal and metaphorical meaning, hence symbolic, often belonging to verbal roots. In particular, it unfolds the relationship between two of the most ancient theophanies: sun and swan, starting from Indo-European root √swen. In Iocari serio, different words and languages follow one another in ramifications, exploiting the elasticity, malleability and softness, almost welcoming and wholly playful, of colored cords entwined in a three-dimensional map similar to a circulatory system. As artists, we explore those areas that are difficult to reach, hidden, far away and also we want to speak about “what is so real and essential, so hidden in plain sight all around us” through words and a form that represents how and why they work, their crucial role.